About Artist

Mrs. Vinitha Singh., MBA, got fascinated by the brilliance and vibrance of Tanjore Paintings during her childhood visit to family friend in Tanjavur.

Her deeply nurtured desire to become a Tanjore artist came closer to realization when her husband, an IAS Officer, moved to Pondicherry – a Coastal tamil hamlet in South India – for work. She learnt the Tanjore art from authentic artists of Tamil Nadu. Her paintings are celebration of her creativity, imagination and dreams.

As Tanjore Painting Artist she  has pledged to maintain the originality and authencity of the form by using 24 carat gold & semi precious stones.

About Winds Art Gallery

Her desire to make the world beautiful has made her setup Winds Art Gallery which specializes in Tanjore paintings made by her on religious themes, adding her signature and style to every painting. A discerning eye would see touch of modernity and contemporary streak in her style.